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cardinhand.gif (7680 bytes)The Stor.e.card is an interactive cd business card that fits neatly into the inner circle of your computer's CD-ROM drive. It can tell your story and launch to your web site. There you can post catalog listings, and link your customers to a convenient interactive order form.

Those are the physical advantages. But it is memorable, too. Research shows that business people who receive the Stor.e .card  use it - eight out of ten times! Think of the impact of launching eight out of ten prospects to your sales messages!cardh2h.gif (6776 bytes)

Say good-bye to business cards that are as exciting as, well, a piece of paper.

Launch your own CD business card that says who you are...that describes every product and service with as much detail as you need...that offers color, voice, music, and motion...that connects your customers to your own web page.

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